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Tinto Tango plays Piazzolla

La Señora Research Institute  - Santa Monica, California

"Last night, at the invitation of the illustrious Alan Busteed, I enjoyed a most awesome (mainly Piazzolla) performance by Tinto Tango at the La Señora Research Institute.


We got there half an hour before the downbeat, and virtually every seat inside the venue had been taken. My partner and I were forced to find seating in the very last row--a semi-obstructed view.

That's when I discovered Alan had been kind enough, in advance, to arrange for front row VIP seats. Name on the seats...the whole shebang.

Soldout Faceoob.jpg

I knew this was a project that Alan had been working on for quite some time. I've known Alan a good number of years, and we've worked together in several contexts...  What I didn't know is that, somehow--over the last couple years, Alan has transformed himself into a legit Tango-master. We're talkin' some crazy- Argentine inspired shredding. Alan is now, to the LA tango scene, what Slash is to Guns 'n' Roses. Very bold risk-taking on the violin...actually comes off like he's simply ringing a bell. He traversed the fingerboard like Yoda whooping the ass of Count Dooku with a lightsaber.


Mariano Dugatkin, of course, is mind-blowing with the bandoneon. I've seen and heard amazing performances on accordion...but the bandoneon ! Wow! I had heard the Piazzolla rep many times, but had no idea to what degree the bandoneon was such a flexible and virtuosic instrument; incredibly articulate and sensitive dynamically. It was a really special performance and a magnificent artist.

The young man, Matias Piegari, who they had tickling ivories last night... Insanity. Oh my gawd: he played a solo work by Ginastera that really has me wanting to dig into this composer's work more. Completely knocked my socks off with its rhythmic barbarity. Like Bartok- only (in this instance, anyway) better.


The whole band was truly excellent. The rep was excellent. The entire experience a first rate entertainment: five stars *****.

Tinto Tango should be touring worldwide. And I suppose they will be soon. If you have a chance to go see them before they blow up and become the next "it" thing of that genre, you definitely should!"

Sean Bradley

August 21, 2016

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