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Liner Note

"Taste each piece of music as if you would let a fine chocolate melt in your mouth."

Track by Track 

Autumn undresses, cold trembles, humidity traps, and vulnerability threats. Advance and retreat stir us witnessing the fierce of the orange leaves.

Album Credits - Ficha Técnica
Ambasador endorsement.JPG

"The Consulate General of the Argentine Republic extends its support and endorsement to TintoTango, as a true representative of Argentinean music and culture."

Ruben E. Caro - Consul General

"With much enthusiasm I highly endorse Tinto Tango plays Piazzolla. The exquisite expressive quality and dexterous technique present in this album faithfully capture the essence of my father's music, Astor Piazzolla. I celebrate this achievement and look forward for more to come!"

Daniel Piazzolla 

"Con mucho entusiasmo celebro el álbum Tinto Tango plays Piazzolla. La exquisita calidad expresiva junto con la destreza técnica presentes en este disco capturan fielmente la esencia de la música de mi padre, Astor Piazzolla. ¡Celebro este logro y espero que haya más por venir!"

Daniel Piazzolla Firma.png


City of Los Angeles.JPG

"On behalf of the City of Los Angeles... I would like to recognize your support and contributions to the local culture and promotion of the arts.

Mitch O'Farrell - Council Member 13th District

TintoTango's commitment and dedication is outstanding and further helps the common goal of making our city a better place in which to live, work, and play.
You are truly an angel in the City of Angels"

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